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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Go to a place.. far, far away from here...

In this post I'd like you to close your eyes, (but not really, because I haven't mastered braille on my blog) and think hard. Think hard about things you really hate.

What do you see? Terrorists? Liars? Sunday night television?

Imagine you are preparing your three children for bed. They make a last ditch effort to stall, and drink water. They use the restroom. They put on their pajamas.
Now it's time to to take care of dental hygeine.

Before tonight, I would have told you, if there was any one chore I hated, it's flossing my kids' teeth. It's got to be the most pain-in-the-butt parental duty EVER.

But just minutes ago... it got worse.

So now in our not-so-fake scenario, you're flossing your almost7yearoldson's teeth, molars to be exact. In and out, hug the tooth, scrape it down. Ooh look.. there's a tight spot there, can't......quite......get....the floss out. Hmm.. let's just give a little tug and..........

SICK!!! That piece of food in between his back molars just flicked out and landed on your bottom lip!


I ask you people, is there anything worse than having a piece of your son's chewed up food chilling on your lip for any amount of time?!

Well how about when you wipe it off and see the morsel in all of it's white chunky glory. Pardon me while I puke........


The Barger's said...

Oh I love the detail. I can't wait for flossing.

MissBillie said...

OMG! That's absolutely horrible....that's almost worse than my chewed up food water today....ugh....you crack me up!!!!