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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let there be light!

Can I just say how embaressed and stupid I feel????

The light switch in our main living room went out back in May. It's connected to the ceiling fan. So one switch on the wall turns on the fan and the other switch turns on the light. Haven't been able to get the light switch to work for months. A repairman came out and couldn't figure it out..... said he'd buy a new switch and see if that helps it. "Albert" never came back however, so there's a new repairman here now. He messed around with the switch and then asked, "Have you tried pulling the string on the fan?"

Ummm.. nooooo?

Should I?

And wouldnt you know it?! When the string is pulled into the ON position, the light switch works perfectly! It's a wonder I even make it through a day without killing or majorly injuring myself!