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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I've been reduced, to juice.

I can't recall how much I've actually publicized my diet on this blog, but here goes.

On January 6th, Cory and I got back into the swing of things by beginning to follow the Weight Watchers points system once again. He entered a Biggest Loser challenge with twelve other people in his building at work. We joined the gym. We rode our bikes. We counted and journaled and prayed.. OK, I did anyway. Cory didn't win the challenge, but he took 3rd place. He lost FOURTY-SEVEN pounds people! In only 3 months. Can you say amazing?! I hate men... well their metabolisms anyway. And I lost a measly........ I'm not going to say just quite yet. I will say that I've been incredibly motivated and dedicated to this new lifestyle. If I'm not at the gym in the morning, I'm jogging around the block. Or I'm staring at Denise Austin on our flat screen. Turns out just staring doesn't help you lose weight, who knew? On a serious note - I've been doing my weight lifting, my abs, my stretching, my cardio.. you name it. I've spent hours researching which foods have lean protein, which have staying power, how to jumpstart my metabolism... shoot.. I even went to my doctor and had her test my thyroid. Because, even after three months of doing allllll that, it seemed as if I couldn't lose any more than twelve pounds. My weight was up and down and all around.
But check this out. Yesterday morning I put a few chicken breasts in the crock pot and covered them in a jar of peach-pineapple salsa. By 5:30 I was warming corn tortillas (a weakness of mine) and shredding the chicken. My family thoroughly enjoyed the chicken tacos, but I... well I enjoyed my salad. With no salad dressing. NOPE. Just lemon juice. Un.heard.of. No ranch dressing, no croutons, no turkey bacon bits, etc. It was incredibly delightful and as a bonus - low in points. This morning I weighed myself, as I do numerous times a day (no lectures about that please!) and I can finally say out loud (or not so much) that I've passed that twelve pound threshold and have now lost 14 pounds! I honestly never thought I'd see this day! My doctor says for my height, build and body type that she would only like me to lose sixteen more pounds at most. I'm aiming for twenty-six pounds less by the end of the Summer at least. Hopefully a little earlier than that, we're going to Cabo San Lucas in June!


DIY REDS! said...

That is awesome. I hate those plateaus that you just can't seem to get past. Right now my body is at it's comfort weight. It seems to be saying, I'm comfy and i am not giving it up. I am reading You on a diet by Dr Oz from Oprah and I have to say that I am learning a ton. good for you! keep it up. I just have to tell myself to keep with it.

DIY REDS! said...

by the way, my favorite dressing now is lime juice and salt

Christy said...

Yipppeee!! :)

MissBillie said...

YOU KICK ASS!!!!!!!!