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Friday, May 8, 2009

A Note To His Mom.

This is a copy of the paper my 6 1/2 year old son wrote about me..... his Mom. I added a few minor personal touches (ahem, corrections) which can be found in the parenthesis.

"My mom is the best. (Well, that's abundantly clear.... RIGHT, everyone?) She always helps me do my homework. (true dat) Sometimes she makes me help her cook. (What?! I wouldn't trust that boy within an inch of a flame) But she never plays outside with me. (Oh GREAT. I sure hope his teacher didn't proofread this. In fact, when I saw her on Tuesday I JOKINGLY mentioned, "Oh I bet my son has got something embaressing on his note about me." She told me not to worry about it.....I shouldn't have listened. Just an FYI, my friends, I reminded him how I play football and baseball with him all the time outside and he then replied with, "Well I meant you don't play outside with me EVERY time". Oh. Ok.... much better)

When my mom was a little girl, she liked reading. Without my mom, my family would be a mess! (This made me LOL. I asked with a huge grin, "The family would be a mess?!" Andrew's answer: "I just meant this room would be a mess." At least he's clear on my job description I suppose?)

I love my mom so much!

Love, Andrew