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Monday, December 29, 2008

Do They Multiply???

I would guess it was about a week before Thanksgiving that I had my hair re-colored and cut. As the consultation started, my stylist (who I've been seeing for about two years) asked me if I had any Gray hair she'd be needing to cover. "Nope!" I replied confidently. "I supposedly had one wayward strand, but Cory pulled it for me." So on we went with my brunette color and golden highlights, followed by a blunt cut all the way around. Since then, we've finished moving, unpacking, taken our Thanksgiving trip and dealt with all the stress that comes along with Christmas activites, Christmas Eve, Christmas gifts, Christmas day traveling... coming home tocatch up... etc, etc, etc. Needless to say, I've been very, very occupied with my domestic duties during the past month.

Well, how lucky are we that Cory's brother agreed to come watch our brats tonight?! I spent 3 hours cleaning the downstairs today and 3 hours cleaning out the garage, so I'm feeling the need for a break...a quiet dinner...... something out of the ordinary..... Be careful what you wish for.

I'm going about my business, this evening, brushing my hair, applying my heat protective cream and then going on to straighten each individual section with my flat iron. And what is that I see?? A Gray hair?? It couldn't be. Could it? ...............Nah. That's blonde. Definitely blonde... just super shiny underneath the way-too-bright bathroom lights.

WAIT a minute.

Is that another one there? or is that the same one? Crap. There's another, and another, and ANOTHER.

That's it. I'm going gray. Is this a joke? I'm stressed. I'm tired. and now it's only obvious that I'm old.
Did I miss the bulletin that explains when you pluck a Gray hair, they give birth to hundreds of other Gray hairs?? Shouldn't that lesson have been given along with the Sex Ed. classes we had to take in 5th grade?

Desperate for some compassion and/or sympathy, I showed Cory and told him he better start being nicer to me, otherwise I'll look like this:

He started laughing and clapping his hands. "WHY are you clapping??? This isn't funny!!" "Because,.." He said, "Now you can join me."

Great, now we're both old and gray. Everyone's going to point and laugh at us during our night out. "Ha, Ha! Look at those old folks over there sipping their tea and taking their Maalox!" "And check out the Gray hair on that lady!"

Next thing you know, I'll be crocheting a bonnet for my cat, driving around Walmart on the cart for the handicapped, and filling the silver basket with loads of Friskies.


Christy said...

Welcome to my world! I tried to cover mine, but it didn't take. I've decided not to sweat it and just grow old gracefully. :)

Megan said...

LMBO! that is a GREAT post!

MissBillie said...

How did I miss this post??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Cracked me up!!!!!