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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On the Brink of 2009

It's about 6:30 a.m. and I've been wide awake for three hours already. In the midst of me laying in bed staring at the ceiling, I began to think of plans for our daughter's birthday in February. It had been decided a few months ago that we were going to throw her an old fashioned birthday party. There will be cake, ice cream, games, noise makers and party hats. No fancy restaurant, no dress up tea parties or expensive bouncer and cotton candy machine - we're going old school. I really want to put the emphasis on celebrating her birth with the special people in her life, instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars so that we can appease 4 year old's with the newest or trendiest party venue.

It's time to get Back to Basics.

Which brings us to New Year's Eve. There are only a little more than 17 hours left in 2008. And if you are anything like me, you dread making the annual New Year's Resolution that will be thrown out the window by Easter. This year, I did not keep my resolution. I said I was going to sew the kids' costumes for Halloween. I sewed, a LOT, but in the end, Disney.com's sale in July was too good to pass up.

So for 2009, I will not make a resolution. I am setting small attainable goals but not a time limit as to when they should be completed. Below are life themes I'd like to begin to incorporate into our family for the following year.

BACK TO BASICS is the theme for this year's non-resolution! It seems that most of us have begun to spend too much time worrying about the presentation, the opinions of others and the "stuff". Life is too short to spend so much time on inanimate objects - let's put the focus back on family, on people, on values.

1. I refuse to put "Lose Weight" as luck has not been on my side lately. Then again, losing weight doesn't happen by getting lucky, so I will call this "Eating Healthier". Lots of fruits, vegetables and water. This can be tied in with the Back to Basics theme also.

2. Less Electronics, More Nature. I want to get us out to run, to explore, to play, to adventure! I plan on giving our televisions, computers and cars a much needed break.

3. Homemade and Handmade. I hope to do a lot more of this. Making my own Christmas gifts gave me a great start so I plan on rolling this over to 2009. Handmade gifts, Homemade food. Simple as that.

If you have any other suggestions on how to get "Back to Basics", I'd love for you to leave it as a comment on this blog.

From our silly family to yours, here's wishing you a very Happy (and basic) 2009!!


The Waffles said...

I love it!! Its the perfect thing for 2009!!

Christy said...

I haven't made "New Year's Resolutions" for years now. I like your Back to Basics theme. My goal for 2009 is similar.....Simplify!

DIY REDS! said...

I like your list. come and make mine. I haven't even thought of 2009. let us know how it all turns out. speaking of simplifying. I have been trying to clean out my house and get rid of stuff but i get more things faster then i can get rid of it. i guess it comes with having kids. good luck
by the way. if you do get ambitious get me your email so i can give you my address. it was nice to see you even for a second. keeping up this way is nice but it is also nice to see your face instead of your blog page.