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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas at Our House.

It's already December 4th and our house is finally Christmas-a-fied.

Did you realize......

I love these cutesy arches in our new home.

We're going to have guests this year for Christmas Eve! and the table is ready to go. I found these placemats in a box of old Christmas decorations. I think they might have been my Mother In Law's at one point. Not sure what year they are from but they had never been opened. I couldn't bring myself to just leave them in the storage bin, so I gave them a home on the dining room table.

For whatever reason, this is my favorite decoration every Christmas. The signs are just very simple, exactly how I like things.

My mom gets Cory and I a new stocking every year. They usually just sit in the garage, but this year I decided to put them on display. I'm not exactly sure how much I like the staircase yet. Like I said, I like things to be simple, and this might be a bit much for me! But for now, it stands.. This is just about 6 years worth of stockings... plus the few that we started when we got married.

My always growing St. Nicholas Square Christmas village. Today Cory bought me the Ice Skating Rink that I've had my eye on!

This is a picture of the FIRST real Pine Tree we've had since we got married 6 1/2 years ago. I swore I'd never go artificial with my Christmas tree..... oh well!

And here's the artifical tree I was speaking of! We purchased this one last year at an after Christmas clearance sale. Just opened it two nights ago, and we're pretty pleased with it!

And last but certainly not least, Our House. I let Cory off the hook this year when it came to putting lights ON the house. We just went for lawn decorations instead. The sparkling tree in the center was just purchased at Lowe's today. If we get anymore outdoor decorations, you might as well start calling us the Griswold's.... we wouldn't mind anyway ;)

Merry Christmas!!!


MissBillie said...

I love your new home!!! It's too cute and way festive for the holiday season!!!!