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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Evil Reminder.

To me, one of the best attractions of our home, is our main hall closet. Upon our meeting, it was love at first sight. Two double doors open up to 4 long shelves. I had high aspirations for this closet. It would house board games, puzzles and our plethora of playing cards. There'd be room for our cameras, packs of batteries and extra light bulbs.
HA! That's not all it would do... it would be an evil reminder.
Last night, I was putting the finishing touches on a "self-portrait puppet" that my Kindergartener needed to turn in to his teacher this morning. (my procrastination will have to be saved for another blog) I needed ONE SIMPLE SUPPLY - a hot glue gun. I know for sure which tub it's in, I just can't find the darn tub. So as I search our crazy, cluttered and unorganized closet... I am reminded of something that I do not like about myself:
Unfinished projects.
I came across alligator clips and spools of ribbon. Those were going to be hair bows for my daughter so I wouldn't have to spend between four and eight dollars on a clip for her blonde curls. The package of clips has yet to be opened and the spools of ribbon are still tightly wrapped in their cardboard packages.
Next items to depress me were the wooden hanging hooks I planned on painting for my daughter and son's rooms. Kaitlynn's would be a beautiful butterfly and it was going to look just like the one on Michael's website (even though I missed the line when God was handing out creativity). Andrew's would be a baseball; I'd even handpaint the red stitching. So why are they still in a tote with bottles of paint? Maybe I was afraid of failure.
I also found one of my most expensive and unfinished projects ever. A few years ago while visiting in-laws in Florida, my husband's aunt (who is a certified instructor) game me lessons on how to do One Stroke Painting. (By Donna Dewberry, check it out online) I promised myself I'd master the technique when I got home. We had visions of me painting jewelry boxes, wine glasses etc and going to craft shows to earn some extra money. (which would probably be spent on more unfinished proects) My husband being the gift giver that he is, ordered me just about EVERY color of paint you can imagine, the One Stroke paint brushes, the brush holder, the paint holder.. I mean I could go on and on about the accesories I own. And, as with everything else, it is collecting dust in my hall closet.
I hinted to my husband that I really wanted a sewing machine for Christmas last year. But I did warn him, that I couldn't promise it'd be used.. for I have learned my lesson too many times before. He bought it for me anyway and it sat in the same spot in our living room until just a week ago. I finally did get to use it for my son's puppet project, but Lord knows it could be another 5 months before I get the chance to break it out again.
Am I the only person with a great desire to create fantastic "stuff", only to find I don't have the time, patience or motivation to follow through with them?
If you were to peruse our hall closet's shelves you'd also find half done Color Me Mine projects, family photos that have yet to be organized, unopened photo boxes that still have their original plastic coverings, a video cameras that get used once a year (Christmas Day), a tri-pod my husband swore we needed for our new Canon Rebel, fleece fabric that I need to save for some reason that I have yet to discover.. the list goes on.......Tell me I'm not crazy!
In case you're wondering, I did find my hot glue gun... NOT in the tub I thought it would be in. And it's good thing I didn't look on the top shelf of our hall closet... Then I'd have an entire blog on scrapbooking supplies that have been untouched for years.


Christy said...

Ummmm, right there with ya! Except my "stuff" is spread out....two closets and a couple boxes in the garage. :)

Megan said...

your totally not alone, I have four large shelves, and the top of another book shelf full of stuff that needs to be started or finished or used!! I think its just a mom thing!