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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Call me Crazy.

For those of us that have experienced the joy of being pregnant, we can all agree that the babies steal the brain cells....

and apparently mine never grew back. (no wonder my children are geinuses)

Tonight I headed over to GNC on Rosedale and Calloway. During the 5 minutes I was in the store with my 3 year old, I received 2 calls on my cell phone. One of them was my husband asking me to run by Daddy-O's yogurt to bring home dessert. I quickly paid for my one item and headed out the door. Kaitlynn and I get to the van, and my keys are not in my wallet like I could have sworn they were. My first thought is that I left them near her booster seat when we got out of the car. I tested the doors, and sure enough they were open. However, upon inspection, they were not anywhere in my car. I start pulling things out of my purse to find my keys... they're still missing. By this time I'm on my 3rd cell phone conversation. I tell my aunt, "hold on a second, I think I left my keys in the store" She suggests I just call her back... probably noticing that I sounded insanely empty-headed at the time. As I'm walking back towards the door of GNC, still rifling through my purse - I find them! SCORE. Now we can head out for frozen yogurt. We get to Brimhall and Calloway, find a parking spot in a surprisingly packed shopping center and get out of the car. Fortunately, I noticed that my purse felt lighter than usual as I started walking towards Daddy-O's. Hmmmm.. I think I'm missing my wallet... good guess.. It wasn't in there. Crap. My husband is going to have my head if I don't find my freakin' wallet. As I'm walking back towards my car (because I must have left my wallet in the car, just like I did my keys) I find my wallet in the most odd place..


Yes folks, Christina drove about 10 minutes down the road, with her wallet ON her windsheild.. and didn't notice a damn thing.

I'm not sure which is more boggling - the fact that my wallet didn't go flying off the window as I headed down Calloway, or the fact that I never even noticed it sitting there as I was driving!

Telling the story to my husband when I got home was hilarious! The stress of losing my wallet had passed by then, so I could really laugh about it.. in fact I was cracking up so bad that I started crying :)


Shannan said...

That is hilarious Chris ;)~ Once again I love it when you blog. I'm glad you found both items. You know, I have always thought a mother should have alarms on her keys and well I never thought of her wallet but yes, now it makes perfect sense. ;) great story

The Waffles said...

Oh my goodness that is so funny (totally something I would do) Its totally true our kids take some brain cells away and I wonder if they ever really do come back... I am starting to think no!!

Megan said...

LOL That is great! I have totally been there! our kids totally steal our brain cells!

Cheeziemommie said...

so today as I was trying to leave the school I couldn't find my keys ANYWHERE. Looked and looked and looked and got made fun of because this isn't the first time I've lost my keys there. Then a friend is walking by my car and sees my keys right there in the front seat :O