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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Also known as Goofball.

Today started as any normal Sunday would. Spongebob in the morning, a late breakfast, lots of cleaning afterwards and my daughter.......getting her head.......stuck in a closet.

My children who never disobey me, were supposedly cleaning their rooms as I had instucted them to after breakfast. Andrew scampers into the living room wearing what else but his "iPod" around his neck (a.k.a. a Veterans Elementary dog tag necklace) screaming repeatedly "KAITLYNN'S HEAD IS STUCK IN THE CLOSET!"

This is about the moment that crazy images start whisking through my mind. HOW could her head be stuck in the closet? I hope it IS her head and not her NECK, God forbid. Here comes her first Urgent Care visit.

Let me preface this next statement, by informing you that I DO NOT RUN. Okay, except in instances like this. I rush into her room, panting at this point (hey I'm out of shape, what can I say?) and I don't see her in her closet - can hear her, but can't see her. Next is to check Andrew's closet... nope not there either. Aha! Behind me! There's the hall closet where we keep the towels, the toilet paper and the Tilex.

As soon as I discover her, instead of being the decent mom that I should, I go back into the living room to tell Cory that he's just GOT to see this. I grab my cell phone (which explains the quality of the picture down below) and we all stare at her laughing, like she's some kind of freak show at the circus. Which makes complete sense, because two days ago she told me she wanted to be in the circus. Like Father, Like Daughter, right?

My daughter is a goofball:


Megan said...

LOL I love it!

HGTV REDS! said...

Christina, that was hilarious. i told you that i always love reading the stuff you write. now you have 3 readers. you should write a mommy column in the newspaper or something. but, i do want to know how you got her out. was her head stuck between the wall and the shelf? how are things with you guys other then crazy kid stuff. we are good. i love it here, but i did get homesick when we went for spring break. talk to you later. come over to my blog sometime. (i always feel like that's a pick up line or something)
amy jo

Christina Marie said...

Thanks Amy :) Yes her head was stuck in between the wall and the shelf. I feel kind of bad laughing now, because she actually does have a pretty big red mark on her forehead. She swore for the next hour (or longer) that she needed medicine for it! Cory just kind of turned her head and it came right out... she was being her usual drama queen self.

Cheeziemommie said...


Becky said...

That is very funny! I would have grabbed the camera, too!