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Thursday, December 13, 2007


While it has been almost a week since I last blogged, I still don't have much to blog about. So I will stick to the basics.

On my last blog I was bragging about how my amazing son Mitchell slept for 5 hours straight one night - not so amazing anymore. He hasn't done that since. Actually (this is Kait's new favorite thing to say by the way) he DID do it two days ago - only it was from 1 pm - 6 pm. So ask me if that did me any good at all??? At his doctor's appointment yesterday he weighed 14 pounds 8 ounces. He has already more than doubled his birth weight in 3 1/2 months - you go boy! While he's gaining weight, he's losing hair... still. He has an even older man's haircut now. He used to be Jason Alexander bald, but now it's more like Danny Devito bald. And by the looks of Kaitlynn's hair, it's going to be years before Mitchell has much more of it.

Kaitlynn went to the doctor also yesterday. She weighs 40 pounds! I can't believe my 2 year old weighs only 10 pounds less than my 5 year old! I was very concerned with this and brought it up with the new doctor we saw. He said she's the 90th percentile for her weight, but she's also in the 80th percentile for her height... and since she is very proportionate and eats healthy, there is nothing to worry about. I would just feel like the worst mother if my kids ever had weight problems because of bad habits I taught them when they were young. That's one issue I do not want to pass down to my children. Moving on, as I mentioned earlier, her new favorite word is "actually". I was putting the classic Frosty the Snowman DVD in for her yesterday (so glad it's the time of year that we get to watch these again!) and as I set down the Nemo DVD she tells me "Actually, it goes over here". WELL, EXCUSE ME! haha - I loved it. She's growing up way too fast for me...... actually all my kids are.

Andrew had a doctor's appointment yesterday too (they've been sick all week) Nothing too new with him. He still weighs 50 pounds. Still as solid as a rock. Luckily his asthma wasn't flaring up like we thought it was... but the doctor is insisting I give him Pulmicort every day in the nebulizer. I hate those things.. they are a pain to remember each night, a pain to have laying around on the counter.. and a pain to clean. But whatever is best for my "baby" boy, that's what we'll do. He's doing wonderful in school. I have been volunteering in his class every Tuesday from 9 - 11 a.m. and I am really enjoying being able to see what he does in class all day... and to put faces with all of his friends' names.

As far as the rest of our lives go - just more of the same! Cory has been in Philadelphia all week and hopefully he will make it home on time tomorrow. There is a huge storm headed that direction and they are expecting a foot of snow, so we're crossing our fingers that it doesn't effect his flight out to Phoenix. Saturday is Andrew's last basketball class, a birthday party and Cory's annual Christmas party. Sunday we are taking our family pictures that we take every Christmas and Cory is hosting a poker party here for the first time in the new house. I'm sure he's going to have a blast now that we have a "poker room" as the kids like to call it. I'll be off with a mom friend at Color Me Mine and probably out for dinner too.
I hope you all are enjoying life and the holiday season as much as I am! It's been darn right cold here in the mornings, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love seeing the kids bundled up in scarves, beanies and mittens.... plus you can't get much more comfortable than an oversized sweatshirt and a trusty ol' pair of jeans.... Okay, so it's not the most attractive thing I could pick out to wear.....

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