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Monday, November 12, 2007

Is the sun awake yet?

I'm about to blog.. and I haven't even thought about what I should type in this here box. I can tell you what I'm doing right now - or what I'm NOT doing... sleeping! My husband left for LAX at 440 this morning for a 6 day trip in Georgia. So my body automatically says "Wake Up!"... that would be okay... if it didn't ALSO say "Stay Awake even though your baby is sleeping really soundly and you don't have to get up early to take Andrew to school because it's a holiday" U G H This is a perfect opportunity to be catching up on some ZZZZZ's and yet I've been up for an hour (it's now 5:45 a.m.) just moseying around the internet. Oh well - nap day.

HMMMMMM - I honestly can not think of anything else to say... so I'm just going to spit out some small talk. The baby woke up to eat a little while ago and I noticed his nose is REALLY congested. I need to get the booger sucker out and work on that little guy once the sun comes up.

I'm getting into the Christmas spirit.. or at least trying to. I've come up with some gift basket ideas that I can't wait to start shopping for. We actually FINISHED shopping for all my cousins and their kids on Saturday night :) So that's about 8 down and only 300 to go - not literally, but we do have a big family so getting 8 kids done really isn't that big of an accomplishment once you've got it on paper. I really want to wrap everything already - that's my favorite part :) I hope we get a real tree this year! Every year since we've been married either I've wanted a realy tree and Cory didn't, or even though he didn't want it, he'd swear we get it.. and we end up with our "artifical" ( not fake, lol) Christmas tree up in our living room. So this is the year folks - I want a REAL tree. One that smells like pine, one that leaves needles all over your carpet so you are constantly vacuuming, one that could be harboring some really nasty insects, one that might set our entire house on fire if we don't water it enough.... one that is ridiculously overpriced given the fact it's only going to last 2 weeks or so... that kind of tree ;) We'll see how that works out, usually we're running so late on just getting decorations up, that we resort to the "artificial" tree at the last minute.

What else to type here???? I can think of a million little things, but they don't mesh well together. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a blog with a list of the bits and pieces that I've been meaning to blog about, but haven't gotten around to.

Hope you all are sleeping nice and tight in your comfortable beds.

Ho bisogno di un pelo