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Thursday, November 8, 2007

E.S.P. ??

I was taking a shower this morning.... finally pulled myself away from my hot, steamy, comfortable stream of water, (can you tell I didn't want to) because the baby was crying and for whatever reason, it occurred to me that I should get my cell phone. I knew that one of our home phones was dead and I didn't know where the other cordless was so I wanted to locate my cell phone and have it near in case one of the kids' school called with an emergency. As SOON as I walk out of my bedroom, I hear my cell phone ringing. Look at the caller I.D - Lo and Behold, it's Andrew's school! The first thing I thought was that maybe it was Mrs. Moore calling me back in regards to a note I had put in Andrew's homework folder. I called the school back, and sure enough.. Andrew had vomited on the playground at recess and I needed to come pick him up "right away" the school nurse told me. I was pretty darn sure that he wasn't sick... if I know him (which I do) he ate his snack WAY too fast at recess so he could spend more time playing. Then he ran around too hard, started coughing and just ended up throwing up his granola bar. (Oatmeal cookie to be exact, good visual for ya???) Anyway, when I get in the car to pick him up, the station I had my radio tuned to was talking about staying home from school, faking being sick to your mom and having to go to the nurses office at school. Just WEIRD. So... a good friend says it was ESP. Not sure if I believe in that stuff... never researched it, or honed in on it, but things like that happen to me a lot. Like I'll know who's calling me when the phone rings without looking at the caller I.D. and like when..........ummmmmmm....................well I swear there are other things but I can't think of the examples at this time of night. ;)

When I got home from picking up Andrew, he played on the computer while I took care of the baby and finished getting my butt dressed. We picked up Kaitlynn from preschool which was nice because Andrew got to visit with old friends and teachers that he hadn't seen in quite awhile. I decided I'd take a chance with him at Del Taco for lunch - seeing as he wasn't acting sick at ALL! He scarfed down a bean and cheese burrito, half of a spicy jack quesadilla, had some of my nachos.. and wanted more food. We came home and he asked for a fruit snack so I went ahead and gave him one - he genuinely seemed hungry. Then next he asked for a Lunchable - HAD to draw the line there. So apparently, I was right, He's not sick. He ate a good dinner and snacks and such and has held everything down fine, along with running around like his normal crazy-kid self. Andrew will be back at school tomorrow.....

Today was the end of our 3rd WW week. I'm reminded of the commercial where the cartoon husband and wife drawn in black and white start dieting together. (trying to remember your email Jocelyn!) I can't remember the exact scenario, but it's something like "He gave up soda and lost 8 pounds" - "I gave up soda and lost 1 pound"... that's our situation. Cory and I have both been sticking to our "diets" really, really well. And what do you know? At the end of 3 weeks Cory has lost 9.8 pounds and I've lost 4.4 :( That is just not enough for me. I should have lost that much in my first week - so starting tomorrow I'm cutting back another 200 calories for 7 days to see what that does to my weight loss - here's hoping!!

Never made it to Sears for pictures today since Andrew was "sick" so that's tomorrow, I'll just have an extra kid tagging along. And speaking of incomplete tasks, I never called the exterminator either. On the flip - I got a nap for the first time since the baby has been born! Woo Hoo! Now I get to stay up later than normal and finish laundry, life can't get much better LOL

"il hero del guitar รจ DURO"