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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Bits and Pieces.

Here is just a mish mash of things that have been going on in our lives -

~ Mitchell had his first little REAL teardrop today... soooo adorable :) And he is smiling a LOT these days... tonight at dinner, Andrew got big smiles from him. This baby is sooooo loved by his older siblings. At preschool, Kaitlynn's teacher asked her what she was most thankful for and she said her baby brother Mitchell - how sweet huh??
~ I'm addicted to this show Intervention on A & E. Anyone ever seen it? Kind of ironic that I'm "addicted" to it.
~ Andrew has what they call SUPER minimum day tomorrow. He gets out at 10:30 a.m. for staff development day... so we're going to have a nice little afternoon at the park with some friends tomorrow.
~ Cory said recently, "Why do babies have to cry when they're hungry, why can't they just raise their hands or something?" I have to agree.
~ I forgot how yummy it is to use the crock pot. It's actually great to use all year round. Keeps the house from heating up during the summer and gives you delicious comfort food in the fall/winter :) I'd say something about it in Spring, but I've learned Bakersfield doesn't have much of a Spring. We made pineapple chicken Sunday night - mmmmm mmmmmm good!
~ How is it possible that 5 people generate THIS Much laundry.... Cory did all of our laundry (meaning mine and his) on Sunday. Today I pulled every single piece of dirty laundry, sheets, blankets etc and put them in piles in the living room, hoping that I'd be motivated to wash everything so I wouldn't have to look at it. I've done 3 loads.. and still have 6 to go.. how in the heck is that humanly possible??
~ We got an XBOX 360 recently.. along with Guitar Hero III. Do you know how hilarious it is to see your 5 year old walking around the house singing classic rock songs from the 70's and 80's??? Well, it is.
~ I have a date with the Dollar Tree tomorrow. I'm buying Christmas wrapping paper.. and I'm wrapping all the gifts I've already bought. A little early you say? Okay, so it's not even Thanksgiving yet... but speaking of early, it really bothers me that shopping centers already have their Christmas trees and lights up. It takes away the "special-ness" of it by the time Christmas actually DOES roll around.. and a station on XM already has their 24 hour holiday music playing - no thanks.