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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

My day in a nutshell -

Got up and dressed and fed and changed all my kids. Dropped off Andrew at school. Came home and washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned up the laundry room, cleaned the family room, cleaned the dining area, cleaned Kaitlynn's room.. and cleaned the office. Had lunch with Kait, then more cleaning. Picked up Andrew from school... came home for snacks, gametime and naptime. Finally got the baby to sleep.... then I Steam Cleaned the carpet in the family room, hallway and entry area. Made dinner, (with a baby attached to my hip) served dinner, ate dinner and cleaned up dinner. (More dishes, grrrrr) The baby cried pretty much all day unless someone was holding him. Fixed our dryer, folded laundry, dried laundry, washed laundry... gave Kaitlynn a bath. Cleaned up ants in the bathroom, our closet and the baby's laundry basket - YUCK. Now I'm sitting, everyone's in bed and I'm just waiting for the load of laundry to be done in the dryer. And in between all this - wiping butts, changing diapers, cleaning hands and faces, giving time outs, reading books, feeding the baby, breaking up fights and giving meds... so now, I'm exhausted........
On the agenda for tomorrow - CALL AN EXTERMINATOR!
Oooooh and I'm taking the baby to Sears to get his pictures taken :)

"Odio le formiche"