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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 More Things You Couldn't Care Less About.

(This blog post is co-hosted by Cynthia Penny)

1. Most of my family would consider me a freaky dish-washer. The sponge, by no means, can come in contact with any particle of food. All leftovers MUST be rinsed before the washing of the dishes can commence.

2. If you saw a picture of me when I was 12, you'd notice that I looked like a "Chola". I rocked the baggy jeans, tights tops, black lipstick and tried to throw gang signs for some awesome pictures that my family now uses as blackmail.
(From Wikianswers.com - A chola is a female of latin decent, who is one of the "homies.")

3. I've seen "Dirty Dancing" more times than I'd like to admit. My grandmother recorded it from television onto a VHS tape when I was in elementary school and I'd watch it repeatedly each time I visited her house. In May I was blessed to see the musical at the Pantages Theater and it was BREATHTAKING!
R.I.P. Patrick Swayze.

4. I spent last Saturday night knitting a scarf and eating lemon pudding...... alone. Yes, it's gotten that bad.

5. I'm emotionally preparing myself to turn 30 years old....Pretty confident I'll spend the majority of 2010 agonizing over my birthday that Summer.

6. Do not bring a Snickers candy bar into my home. You will be promptly removed by my bouncer for sabotaging my diet.

7. I was 75 yards away from a black bear in the Sequoia National Forest this past summer and I almost peed my pants.

8. Doctors have induced labor for me 4 times even though I only have 3 children.

9. I just darkened my hair less than 2 weeks ago. And this morning I found a Gray hair!

10. ROSEANNE re-runs kept me occupied when I lived in the Hell Hole known as Twenty Nine Palms, Ca.


MissBillie said...

HAHA!! FUNNY stuff! LOL!