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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There was chocolate on it.

"Hey Andrew! Can you get me one of those Weight Watchers desserts?" is how this story starts. He brought me a low calorie Brownie & Ice cream treat from the Smart ones box. He then proceeded to enjoy his grape popscicle.

Kaitlynn? Well, she doesn't get dessert tonight. She asserted her four-year-oldness this evening and didn't touch dinner. Little Princess then proudly announced "Andrew! I don't even care if I don't get dessert!"

But I could see it in her eyes...that glare. She was coveting the diet goodness that would soon be plastered to my hips. "Mom? Can I take off the lid?" she asked. "Sure, but be careful and take it straight to the trash can or else the fudge topping is going to get all over the place." Kaitlynn then carefully peeled it off, delivered it to the garbage can and reclaimed her spot on the couch next to me.
It was only a few moments later when I looked at her and was overcome with laughter.

I quickly rushed my hand to my mouth so she wouldn't be clued into my real thoughts. Once I was able to finally fake a straight face, I asked her (very seriously), "Kaitlynn, Did you lick the lid of my dessert?" With her most innocent face, "No" was all she replied. Again I asked (underneath more laughter), "Kaitlynn, are you SURE you didn't lick the lid of my dessert??" And once more, in her most angelic voice she assured me she did not.

"Then WHY is their chocolate ALL OVER YOUR FACE???" was the final question during this interrogation.

Little Princess replied with, "Well MOM! There was chocolate on the lid!"

Duh, Mom.

She then trotted over to our full length mirror to remove all the evidence.

This one is going down in the record books. Or at least my blog.


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Kimberly said...

LOL! You have to love 4 year old sneakiness.