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Monday, June 2, 2008

Finally a Hobby!

Some of you may recall my recent blog entitled - My Hall Closet is an Evil Reminder. In that writing, I speak of all my unfinished projects that I will certainly never accomplish. Well I would like to say, that contrary to what I wrote about my never used sewing machine, I have created a few.... dare I say Masterpieces? No. I won't say that. Not for a few years probably. But I thought I'd share them anyway:

This is the taggy blanket I made for Mitchell. A normal "taggie" comes with ribbon loops attached around the edges for babies to chew on. After spending 15 dollars on one like it I finally came up with the idea to make one with real tags. Mitchell will chew on ANY tag he can find... except for the ones I put this taggy blanket - luckily it was just scrap material and 30 minutes to finish.

Here's a baby blanket I made recently for Baby Miranda. I cannot thank my friend Christy enough for her help. All the parts she helped me with came out perfect and everything I did on my own (the sewing) was a mess. BUT it was good experience in learning about my machine and some in's and out's of sewing. (note to self - make life easy, don't use satin trim)

This is the headband I made for Kaitlynn. She was soooo excited about it. This is again just made from a piece of scrap material that Christy gave me. It took well over an hour. I learned that day that my machine doesn't like elastic, so I had to hand stitch towards the end of the project. I also learned Kaitlynn wanted nothing to do with the headband once it was finished. yay.

One more baby blanket. We got invited to a birthday party for a one year old on June 14th. I really had a craving to sew today, so I grabbed a couple yards of fabric at Walmart and made him this blanket (note the lack of satin trim). I'm going to buy him one of those oversized cars that toddlers like to push around the house. and Voila! Success :)


HGTV REDS! said...

yay for you! i love the feeling of getting a not-so-professional job done. I give you tons of praise though. you hand stitched something. i think that hand stitching is the devil and I refuse to do it. even when i quilt and do the binding at the end I just machine stitch each side. i did hand stitch pillow cases though and thought that the world would come to an end. keep up the good work.

Cory said...

Great job babydoll. Guess you found something to do to keep your mind off of missing me while I am away in Germany. xoxo

Christy said...

I think it all looks great! Remember that the charm of something handmade is in it's imperfections. :)

You are very welcome for whatever help I've been.