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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why I miss Kaiser.

Back in August, my eldest son had a series of allergy tests done. His allergist had mentioned that his food allergies should start going away soon, but that he'd probably pick up more seasonal allergies, and I wanted to have his peanut allergy test re-done to see where we stand with that one. I wasn't sure how long we had to wait before he got re-tested, so I called them today.

ME - Hi I need to find out when my son needs to have allergy tests done again.
Lady - You have to talk to the doctor about that.
ME - ok, can I leave him a message or something?
Lady - No you have to have an appointment to talk to him.
ME - OKAY, Can I make an appointment then?
Lady - No, you need a referral.
ME - Do I call the insurance company myself to get the referral?
Lady - No, you have to see his pediatrician to get him to send one in.

O. M. G.So I have to get an appointment with his ped. to get a referral, wait for that paperwork to come in (usually 3 weeks) so that I can make an appointment with the allergist (he's usually 6 weeks out) JUST so I can ask him WHEN we should see him again?

Guess that's how insurance companies make their money?! We miss Kaiser.


Megan said...

that is ridiculous! I would call the office back and leave a message to have the doctor contact you regarding some questions about your last visit. when he calls I would just ask him......we have Kaiser and I LOVE it!