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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Parties, Fish, Neighbors and an Award

Today was a hectic but fun filled day. I don't know whether to put a happy or sad face after that statement. It was Happy for quite a few reasons. For one, I loved seeing my kids in their pirate costumes. We made it to Andrew's school JUST on time to be able to catch the parade they did on the playground... all walking in a big circle to "The Monster Mash". All the Kindergarten teachers dressed up as pirates so he fit in well :) There were also 3 other pirates in his class and at least 3 pirates in EVERY class now that I think about - I need to start getting a bit more creative with costumes... that's why I'm asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. (HINT CORY - if you're reading this) Next we headed off to Kaitlynn's preschool for her Fall Festival. Again - a TON of pirates. Oh well what can you do? She had a great time getting cotton candy, popcorn, balloon animals and prizes for playing simple games. I had volunteered to work the pumpkin painting station from 11:15 - noon. What was I thinking not getting a babysitter? Mitchell decided he'd get cranky right about 11 o'clock. Thank God when you have a newborn, complete strangers always want to hold them.... whether or not we should let them? who knows.. but too late, because I completely relied on two other parents. The kids cooperated during naptime so I got the front of our house cleaned up, the rest of the Halloween decorations put up (yes, the afternoon OF the holiday) and just some general organizing and such. We went trick or treating and were back by about 7:30 or so. The neighborhood wasn't hopping with trick or treaters, but I've learned that the newer neighborhoods tend to be more empty than the established ones. And thank you to the house behind us that decided it'd be a good night to deep fry fish - YUCK, stop stinking up the neighborhood. And on the flip side, to the neighbor that was cooking Mexican food - YUMMY, keep it up :) Speaking of neighbors, we met our next door neighbors for the first time. The mom brought her daughter over while trick or treating and she's adorable. (maybe a future girlfriend for Andrew?) She said she'd be inviting us over for her 4th birthday party next month, so there's a cute little chance for the kids to make friend that lives a bit closer than Panama and Buena Vista. ( CARLA! j/k ) The neighbor (AGH I can't remember her name) also apologized for her dog that barks all day. I honestly thought that was our dog barking? Oh well! Makes me feel MUCH better about the way too high pitched noise our Schnauzer makes every day outside. Oooh ! I almost forgot! Today Andrew's teacher called right after we got home from school. She said she has chosen Andrew as Student of the Month for October! So they are having a ceremony on Friday where he will be recognized with a special award. Daddy and I of course will be there to see him get his award and I'm pretty sure I'll be bawling - as always.
So why would I put a sad face after my opening statement?? I'M EXHAUSTED - anything else new? Only about 4 more months until I hopefully get to start sleeping all the way through the night without waking up to feed a baby every 2 hours. My back is just about KILLING me from carrying the baby in my Hip Hammock while Trick or Treating... and my clean house... is now back to destroyed. Plus I know I get to fight my kids about eating too much candy for the next week or so... blech. Tomorrow is Weight Watchers weigh in - wish me luck, I have no idea how I've done this week. Hopefully it's better than I'm expecting, I'd like to finally fit in some clothes that don't have a tummy panel on them, or elastic in the waistband, or an empire type waist tie on the shirt... etc etc etc.

Truly hope you all had a HAPPY Halloween. I will get a few snapshots up here tomorrow once I upload the million pics I took.

By the way, we had our last trick-or treater around 8 or 830.. I don't remember Halloween ending so early? What about you all, didn't we stay out until at least 9 pm when we were kids???

qualcuno ripara prego la mia parte posteriore!