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Monday, October 29, 2007

Anything for Carla!

Carla asked that I post a new blog because every time she checks out La Mia Vita Pazzesca, she gets depressed reading my last posting. So this is just for you girl. I don't have much to say in the way of creativity, or any really interesting things that have been going on lately. I originally intended for this blog to be a place where family and friends that I don't see very often can get updated on our lives.... so that's what I'm going to do today - update you all.

Mitchell - Well he's just about the same as he has been. Yesterday marked his first 2 months of life completed. 2 months!! Now, you know what I'm going to say here - It feels like just yesterday I was in the hospital giving birth to him. (so it's a little cliche) It's so true though! He is still not smiling as often as we would like him to; you have to really force it out of him. But he's holding up his head really well and enjoys laying on a blanket on the floor just checking out his world around him. Mitchell's favorite activity is going on car rides and hanging around in his swing. He's still got the "George Jefferson" hair-do and STILL not doing much sleeping at nighttime. Oh well - patience is a virtue.... however Mommy's exhaustion is not.

Kaitlynn - She's been our spitfire child as always..... along with clumsy, stubborn, loud.. but so delightful at the same time. The past few days she's been having potty "accidents", although I hesitate to call them accidents. She'll go in the bathroom, stand near the door, and just pee on the floor. Then she comes out and proudly proclaims (with a sneaky smile on her face) "I peed my pants mom!" As if that's a good thing?!?! So we've had to be getting on her for that lately. I have a feeling it's a call for more attention. I'm sure it's hard for her during the day when it's just me, the baby and her.. and I have to give more attention to Mitchell than her. :( We just need to start following her into the bathroom every time instead of letting her go by herself as we were. Kaitlynn still loves preschool and asks to go every day. Miss Toni says she's finally starting to come out of her shell and actually talk to the teachers and other kids. We're hoping to sign her up for a gymnastics class soon to give her some more experience in group settings.

Andrew - Well, Andrew is Andrew. He just ADORES Kindergarten and everything about it - his "20 friends" (quote from him), lunchtime, recess, homework on Mondays and Mrs. Moore. Tomorrow Cory and I will be attending our first Parent-Teacher conference. I am REALLY excited to be able to talk with the teacher a bit more and find out how Andrew is doing. In my eyes, he's doing just perfect ....... but you know all us parents think that about our kids, now don't we?? Last Thursday when he got in the car I asked him my usual barrage of questions he gets every afternoon. "How was school?" "What did you learn?" "Who did you play with".... when I asked my usual "Did you eat all your lunch?" He responded with a 'no'. Weird.. for my son. He doesn't ever NOT finish a meal, snack or treat.
ME - Well, why not?
Him - Because Morgan told the teacher on me
ME - Why did she tell on you?
Him - Because I was eating my apple in the classroom.

I found this quite amusing. His first time getting in "trouble" with his teacher. Apparently he thought it was okay to bust food out of his backpack and eat it at his desk. If only life were that easy... Andrew starts Basketball classes on Saturday. They will be every weekend for 5 weeks and I'm probably more exicted than him to see him play a new sport.

Cory and I - We are alive. That's a good sign, right? Cory has accepted a new position at work, with the hopes that it will take him more places in the future. We've been doing Weight Watchers together for about a week and a half now. I lost 3.2 pounds my first week (YAY, only 37 to go!) and Cory wasn't able to attend the meeting so we're not sure how he did. However if our scale is correct - he's down 6 pounds in one week - Damn Men.
Today marks our 'anniversary' so to speak. October 29th, 2007 puts us together for 8 years. Or as Cory put it this morning '8 long miserable years'........My response - "I'd say only 7 long miserable years, the first one was pretty good" (Obviously we're kidding, people) I'm not feeling too well currently. I woke up with a bad sinus headache that still hasn't gone away and a really sore muscle in my back. I know it's from carrying the baby around in his infant carrier. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE those things?! They make the seat weigh 10 pounds maybe? (or maybe I'm exaggerating), Plus throw your 7-20 pound baby in there.. and hold on to it all with one handle. I hate them - someone needs to invent a really lightweight seat that is just as safe. Maybe that will be my next project...... or maybe not.

I can't believe Halloween is already here. All three of the kids are going to be pirates. The two older kids just love their costumes, the baby, well he doesn't much care what he's wearing these days. Jeremie is going to come along trick-or-treating with us this year. He's dressing up as Osama Bin Laden - I think it's hilarious but I hope our new neighborhood has a good sense of humor. We're carving Pumpkins tonight with the kids. I say "we" but it is Monday Night Football, so it could end up being "me". Not much else going on around here. We're making our first trip back to Rancho this weekend since July. Should be interesting to see how we do with all 3 kids on the road. I bet my next blog will be all about our adventures on our weekend trip.....

Happy Halloween All!!

Felice, Carla?


CarlaMom2AnS said...

Yes, I'm very happy! Although I'd be happier if I didn't have to go to a translater to figure out what you're typing in Italian ;) hehehehe.