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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Anybody see a theme here???

I've always wanted to learn to speak Italian and my dream is to one day vacation in Italy - I guess it's in my blood - Literally. So when trying to think of an original name for my blog I came up with La Mia Vita Pazzesca. Can you guess what it means?

Anyway, I've jumped on the mommy blogging bandwagon because of some friendly 'complaints' I received lately. Most of my family says I'm the hardest person to get a hold of.... Well I don't blame them - I am. I hardly EVER answer my home phone (or cell) because my kids were born with some sort of pre-programmed "phone-dar" in them. The very moment a phone rings, it's second nature for them to start talking (aka screaming) at me in the loudest voice they can possily muster up.... that will come in the form of needing something - a band aid, new batteries for the pacman game, a drink, Spongebob turned on or just to be held. So I created this here blog to keep everyone updated. I'm hoping to update it daily for friends and family that want to know what's going on in our lives in good ol' Bakersfield (or Barstow as most of you mistakenly call it).

Soo.. as my Aunt Vicki always says before a big Italian meal - MANGIA!
Ok - that was used inappropriately, but I'm new to this language - soooo GODA!


Megan said...

hey glad to see you joined the fun! I need to get back on here and start blogging again! its a great stress reliever!

Cheeziemommie said...

yay another blogger! hope you enjoy!