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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm It.

8 Things about me:

1. I love to be outdoors.
2. I desire to live a more simple life.
3. I'm a terrible, unsuccessful dieter.
4. I can't remember the last time I was caught up on laundry.
5. When it comes to meat, turkey and chicken are it for me.
6. I can't watch America's Most Wanted or Golden Girls. They make me scared and sad.
7. I am being 100% honest when I say I could live off of Mexican food for the rest of mylife.
8. My skills in Geography aren't what I would call stellar.

8 TV Shows I watch:

1. Desperate Housewives!
2. Brothers and Sisters!
3. True Life
4. The Soup
5. The People's Court
6. Housewives of Orange County
7. Whatever is on Fox News
8. Oprah/Dr. Phil occasionally

8 Restaurants I love

1. Chevy's
2. Del Taco
3. Mimi's Cafe
4. PF Chang's
5. Rubio's
6. Baja Fresh
7. Chipotle (see a theme?)
8. Chile Red (back home.)

8 Things that Happened Today

1. Made waffles and oatmeal.
2. Finalized Superbowl plans.
3. Woke up MUCH earlier than I would have liked.
4. Picked up 2 bedrooms and a kitchen.
5. Tied ribbons in Kaitlynn and Samantha's hair
6. Rolled up a sleeping bag.
7. Wiped Mitchell's nose.
8. Consoled a bumped head.

8 Things I look forward to

1. Kaitlynn's 1st trip to Disneyland on Thursday!
2. Riding my new NEW bike.
3. Maybe buying a new table today?
4. Wrapping Kaitlynn's birthday gifts.
5. Watching her open them.
6. Seeing Andrew do his 1st book report.
7. Taking family pics on Sunday.
8. Eating the leftover pizza from last night.

8 Things I wish for

1. Continued Health for our family.
2. More time with extended family.
3. Happy children.
4. Happier husband.
5. To get to buy a car because I like it, not because of it's "function".
6. A cleaner house this year.
7. A cure for cancer.
8. Happiness for my friends!

8 Songs I just listened to

1. The Barney theme song.
2. Grover singing about jumping.
3. The song Mitchell played on the recorder.
4. Samantha playing the toy piano.
5. The Barbie Girl song.
6. Bird is the Werd.
7. Sesame Street theme song.
8. Russia's National Anthem.

8 Favorite Movies

1. Clueless
2. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
3. House Bunny
4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
6. The Wizard of Oz
7. Aladdin
8. Dirty Dancing

8 people I tag for this

1. Billie Lynn
2. Christy H.
3. Amy Jo.
4. Erin S.
5. Tanya G.
6. Kati W.
7. Crap..
8. Ran out of blogs to tag.


DIY REDS! said...

thanks a lot! j/k did you know it is our 10 year hs reunion. my goodness. i don't feel old enough but it does seem a life time ago. so, the loaded question, are you going? let me know your thoughts.

Christy said...

Ten year reunion? Boy do I feel old! My 25 is this year. :p

Okay, I'll do the 8 Things. But under protest. Those things are always harder than you think they'll be. :)