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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What I Need.

Inventions I could use these days:
~ Carpet that has permanent vacuum lines.
~ Board games that consist of just the board, no accessories.
~ Plants that can walk to the sink and water themselves.
~ A clock that isn't 10 minutes slow.
~ A cable company that shows nothing but Dora the Explorer, The Power Rangers and Blue's Clues all day, every day.
~ A dining room table with a suction system running along the edge, so that it can suck up all the junk after each meal.
~ A refrigerator and pantry that replenishes it's stock with only high fiber, high protein, low calorie snacks and meals.
~ Any exercise program that doesn't require me to lift a finger.
A seamstress, personal chef, an errand runner and appointment maker, a secretary for the phones, a dog babysitter.... and maybe a blog writer??


The Waffles said...

I wish I had those too. But hey with the TV channel do you have Noggin? They have those cartoons ALL DAY!! I love it.

HGTV REDS! said...

I would like to add more drive thru things to the list. not fast food, but everything else. grocery, prescriptions, craft stores, clothes store(i am not sure how trying them on would work). and anything else where i don't have to take two boys into to chase around and yell at.