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Friday, April 25, 2008

What He Really Mean to Say

Official Disclaimer: This story uses terminology that may be offensive to people who have no sense of humor.

This tale takes place when my son was approximately three and a half years old. Andrew was taking a bath doing the normal things that boys do when they take a bath - Squirting water guns without shutting the shower door first, dumping enough shampoo in the water to wash an elephant and terrorizing his younger sister by making scary faces. I'm cleaning up the bathroom as he's playing and very abruptly, he states "ahhhh! I just farted on my balls!!"

Ummmmmmmmmmmm..... "What'd you say?"

Him: I just farted on my balls.

Me: (in completely shock) "Excuse me??"

Him: I JUST farted on my balls!

At this point, I'm having the same type of reaction that I had two days ago when Kaitlynn told me her "boobie" hurts. Turns out, she couldn't figure out whether she wanted to say 'Owie' or 'boo-boo'. So she said Boobie, makes complete sense, right?

Me: (dismayed that my 3 year old could be saying something like this) " HUH?!?!"
So he says, "Look mom!" As he stands up, I see he had been sitting on two bath balls that he would shoot into a basketball hoop that was mounted on the bathtub wall.

"OHHHHH! You farted on your balls. Gotcha!"

Needless to say, I had a GOOD laugh, and still do to this day every time I think about the day my 3 year old farted on his balls. :)


The Waffles said...

That cracked me up... oh kids say the most funny things sometimes!

Shannan said...

Today was the perfect day for me to hear such a funny story. I needed a good laugh. These funny moments are rewards for us moms. Great story! That made me laugh out loud. ;)