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Friday, February 22, 2008

If I could just learn to Sew.

Has it really been 2 months? WOW. Another project I started and never finished. Just like my sewing machine I got for Christmas. Just like the dog we never finished training. Just like the laundry that I swear every day I'm going to catch up on. Well, I promise.. I will at least finish this posting tonight. Since it's been so long since my last entry, this will be purely updates for my readers... both of you.

Starting with Andrew - He's doing perfect in school still. I'm really trying to savor this year because I have this feeling that one day he will lose his passion for all this and I'll be having to bribe him with Lord-knows-what to get him to do his homework. He starts T-Ball March 15th. And it's REAL this time. Games, practices, uniforms and all. It scares the crapola out of me... especially because this now means we're committed to Saturday mornings - blech. Our biggest problem right now with Andrew is his potty mouth. He sure does pick up some nasty habits in Kindergarten! Everything is about poo-poo and pee and farting and on and on and on. Just like a boy, he thinks any sentence that includes one of those words (or all 3) is the most ingenious and hilarious thing he's ever heard in his life.... and now his 3 year old "dainty" sister has jumped on the bandwagon.

As for Kaitlynn, she has officially completed her first 3 years of life. This girl is spoiled. Her birthday fell on a school day so we baked mini cupcakes for the class. While I was there, everyone sang Happy Birthday to her and the class helped make her a birthday hat. Next I took her out to lunch to the restaurant of her choosing, which happened to be El Pollo Loco. After her nap she got to open gifts and then we headed for Chuck E. Cheese's for dinner. The Friday before her birthday she received another package of gifts from Grandma - 4 new outfits and a beautiful birthday dress! February 17th was her birthday party. It was held at Halle Rose's where her friends (and 2 aunts) joined her for a fantasy tea party. The girls dressed up in dresses, shoes and jewelry, with make up, hair and nails done.. then they got to have a very "girly" tea party with sugar cubes and mini sandwiches and such. After opening presents there we headed back to our house for the "after party"... where she opened gifts again - my goodness. We better slow down before she starts expecting this every year! The next day we also signed her up for gymnastics at the American Kids Sports Center and she is IN LOVE. We're hoping the class will at least teach her how to walk, then we can stop calling her Mary Katherine Gallagher.

My Mitchy-Poo is doing well. He weighs about 18 pounds now, and we just ordered him the Britax Marathon big boy seat. I can not WAIT to stop carrying around that stupid Graco infant carrier. The seat itself must weigh about 10 pounds, throw in an 18 pound kid and then try and carry it all on one handle, with one hand. I have never seen such calloused hands as mine. Now that we're done having kids (and yes we're done) some genious is probably going to invent the most amazing and convenient infant carrier EVER! (same concept as when they never have cute maternity clothes when you are pregnant) Mitchell is a PRO at rolling over now, which becomes problematic somedays since he hasn't quite figured out how to roll over from back to front.. that's when the frustrated crying starts. He is FINALLY healthy. After having bronchitis during Christmas, he was then diagnosed in early February with Brochiolitis. The breathing treatments were a real P.I.T.A. He was tested for RSV but it came back negative. A few days later we had him back at the pediatrician's office because he was not acting like himself at all. Mother's intuition I guess, I knew something was wrong. Turns out he now had a double ear infection. While at his re-check for that 10 days later, I was given a prescription for him for an infection that was developing due to a kinda-sorta ingrown toenail. When will this kid ever be off the meds?!?!?

As for myself, I'm hanging in there the best that a mom can with 3 kids aged five and under, and a traveling husband. Cory will be home from New Jersey tomorrow after being gone for 6 days. (assuming the airport is even operating...terrible weather in the NE right now) Luckily we've had a party at our house every weekend for the past 3 weeks (and another one next Saturday night) so my house has had to stay pretty clean. Now the laundry, that's another story. When I say it's a never-ending pile, I mean that literally.

Christy, if you're reading this, it was really good to see you tonight! I'm so glad you mentioned your blog (www.mamasaidsew.blogspot.com) because it reminded me that I REALLY should catch everyone up on here!

Now if I could just learn to sew.............


Christy said...

It was great to see you too!

Think about taking a sewing class as a refresher. It's hard for sewing, even with just one kid, but it's so worth it to actually make something. :)

Megan said...

sounds like things are going well for you. Glad to hear everyone is on the healthy side!